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Grow your business, get more reviews for your business, and get more repeat business.

Businesses that can benefit from Review Spike

Imagine a steady flow of positive reviews enhancing your business’s visibility and credibility. That’s the power of Review Spike. Our intuitive tool automates the entire review collection process, effortlessly generating more customer feedback:

  • Effortless review generation: Review Spike sends perfectly timed reminders to your customers, encouraging them to share their experiences.
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  • Boost repeat business: Great reviews remind past customers why they love your brand, inspiring repeat purchases.
  • Streamlined Simplicity: Our all-in-one platform takes the hassle out of reputation management, saving you valuable time.


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Elevate salon prestige and ensure client retention with outstanding reviews and unparalleled service.

Recreation Business

Drive engagement and new customers by turning adventure experiences into more reviews.

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Increase your service business reviews and revenue, setting a new industry benchmark.

Auto Businesses

Drive service excellence and customer satisfaction into high gear, more reviews and customers.

Retail Stores

Turn superior shopping experiences into 5-star customer reviews and attract more shoppers.

New Businesses

Elevate your new business's reputation and watch your customer base grow with glowing online reviews.

Massage & SPAs

Enhance client relaxation, boost your business reviews and revenue through Review Spike.

Dental Clinics

Transform patient reviews into substantial growth for your dental clinic through authentic endorsements.

Doctor Clinics

Build patient trust and establish a robust online presence for your clinic, and attract more patients.

Physio Clinics

Boost reviews for your physiotherapy clinic, attract more patients, and increase revenue.

Hotel Businesses

Transform guest stays into stellar reviews, enhancing your hotel's reputation and attracting more visitors.

Client Testimonial

Explore genuine success stories from our clients and witness the transformative power of Review Spike firsthand. Each testimonial reflects the growth, enhanced reputation, and client satisfaction achieved through our dedicated service. Let their experiences inspire your journey with Review Spike.

Within a few months, Review Spike app helped us to double the number of reviews for our Wellness Clinic. As a result, we have been able to attract many new customers thanks to our excellent reviews.
Ravi Lakkad
Owner of High Stone
We highly recommend Review Spike to any business owner struggling to get reviews. After trying different techniques to convince clients to review us, we finally found something that works consistently.
Dr. Balbir Sandhu
Director of The Port Dental Clinic

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