Can’t Get Customers to Leave Reviews? Here’s What To Do

Get customers to leave reviews on a smartphone for your business.
Get customers to leave reviews on a smartphone for your business.

In today’s digital age, the importance of online reviews cannot be overstated. They serve as the lifeline of businesses, influencing purchasing decisions, building trust, and boosting visibility in local search results. However, despite their value, many companies need help to obtain the valuable customer feedback they need because to get customers to leave reviews is a big challenge. 

If you’re one of those businesses and are left wondering why customers aren’t leaving reviews, this guide is tailored for you. We’ll delve into the psychology behind why people only sometimes review and provide you with proven and actionable strategies to turn satisfied customers into loyal and vocal brand advocates who leave glowing reviews. This guide gives you the knowledge and tools to transform your customers’ experience and grow your business.

Why Customers Don’t Leave Reviews (And How to Get Customers To Leave Reviews)

1. “The Out of Sight, Out of Mind” Problem:

Even if you provide excellent service, customers might need more time to leave a review of your business. The solution to this problem is timing. You should send review requests immediately after a positive interaction with the customer. At the same time, the experience is still fresh in their minds.

2. They Lack Motivation:

Some customers might need help seeing how leaving a review directly impacts your business. To solve this problem, you should explain the power of reviews. Briefly mention how reviews help attract new customers, spread the word about your excellent services, and even grow your business.

3. The “Where Do I Go?” Dilemma:

Customers might want to leave a review, but they need clarification about where to go to do that. Two solutions to this problem are to make it effortless and to offer clear instructions. Firstly, provide direct links to your profiles on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other relevant review platforms. Secondly, include simple directions on your website, receipts, and email communications.

4. Fear of the Negative Review:

Some customers hesitate to leave a review because they’d instead provide negative feedback privately. The solution to this problem is to offer alternatives. You can make it easy for customers to share their concerns directly using a dedicated email or feedback form. This minimizes the likelihood of them going public with negative comments.

The Art of Asking for Reviews from Customers (Mastering Your Approach)

Personalized Requests Win: 

Expressing gratitude in a handwritten thank you note, coupled with a review link or a genuine verbal request from the staff, can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Such a thoughtful gesture shows appreciation and the value placed on their feedback and satisfaction.

The Power of Choice: 

Letting customers choose where to leave a review shows that you value their input and are not solely focused on one platform. It allows you to gather feedback from various sources and identify areas for improvement.

Email & SMS Mastery:

  • Email: A catchy subject line like “Your Feedback Matters” can boost email open rates. Keep your copy short and appreciative to make an impact. Give it a try and see the magic happen!
  • SMS: When requesting customers to leave a review, it’s recommended to keep the text messages super short and to the point. Emphasize the simplicity and speed of the process to motivate them to take action. This can improve your chances of getting more customer reviews and feedback.

Leverage All Touchpoints:

  • In-Store: Signage, receipt prompts, staff requests
  • Post-Service: Follow-up emails, invoices, thank you pages.
  • Product or Packaging: Creative inserts with QR codes

To Incentivize, or Not to Incentivize to Get Customers To Leave Reviews?

  • The Pros: Offering discounts or small gifts can increase the number of reviews your business gets. It’s true! You can get more feedback and improve your online reputation by incentivizing customers to leave a review. So why not try it and see how much of a difference it can make?
  • The Cons: 
    • Attracting the Wrong Focus: Incentives might bring in reviews primarily motivated by getting something rather than genuine experiences.
    • Ethical Concerns: Some review platforms have rules against incentivized reviews.
  • Rewarding Alternatives: 
    • Spotlight Customers: Feature positive reviews in your marketing and thank them with a shoutout.
    • Give Back: Tie reviews to a charitable donation.

Beyond the Ask: Review Management Best Practices

Respond, Respond, Respond: 

Have you ever received a positive or negative review as a business owner? If so, it’s essential to thank your customers for their positive feedback and respectfully address any negative reviews. By doing so, you not only show that you’re actively listening to your customers, but you also demonstrate that you’re committed to providing excellent customer service. So, keep up the good work and always strive to make your customers happy!

Strategic Showcasing:

  • Website: One effective way to showcase your business strategically is to integrate review widgets on your website. This helps to provide social proof and build trust with potential customers. 
  • Social Media: celebrating happy customers and sharing their feedback on social media platforms can be a powerful marketing tool.
  • Marketing Materials: Positive reviews can also be used in marketing materials as powerful ad testimonials, which can help to increase conversions and boost sales.

Don’t Just Collect, Learn: 

Analyze customer reviews for recurring themes to understand what’s working well and what could be improved. Use this information to inform your business strategy.

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